Accommodation and Meals for project crews and construction workers

You have just completed a marathon day onsite at the mine / work site a few kilometres away. It was wet and muddy, you are tired and so happy the day is done. You are looking forward to that hot shower, not just a shower but a hot shower with plenty volume and pressure, a cold beer to relax with before indulging in a home cooked buffet dinner in a dining room with an atmosphere of warmth and welcomeness 😊 Yet the bosses have sent you to an eating place where the food is cooked in fat, been in a bain-marie for 6 hours or just looks un-fresh and stale. Likely pre-made, frozen and reheated. Typical roadhouse or backyard café where the owners or the cook working for a wage, just doesn’t want to be there. You feel like you are intruding on their day. The communal shower was luke warm and reality, you could piss more volume and pressure (and probably heat)

20 years providing meals from a commercial kitchen.

Redgum is more of an “all you can eat buffet restaurant” than a roadside cafe.
Unlike a roadhouse Redgum present meals with plenty variety, quality and quantity of home cooked food, prepared fresh daily on site. Food that you come to know and expect every time you sit in the friendly atmospheric dining room. Its not hard to present you with great fresh hot food and am still bamboozled how many regional eateries get this part so wrong.
Quality and quantity with a mix of variety and choice is a simple platform to producing meals you look forward to sitting down to after that long laborious 12 hour plus day. Even when you need to be onsite by 6am a buffet breakfast should be readily available to you from 5am. If you supply meals to working crews you have to deliver, its common sense.
We would love to see this simple art of food preparation a industry standard in regional café’s, restaurants, pubs and roadhouses. We know there are a few eateries that have pride in food preparation and delivery but there are way to many horror stories out there and I can assure you we hear about them. This actually makes us sad and encourages us even more to keep up a standard worthy of your presence.
I would not like to be doing this working for someone else and not be able to give what you the customer / client deserve. Redgum ventured into serving food and supplying shelter from a background of working in shearing teams where basic, and plentiful food, was the requirement. We moved into Cafés where quality and presentation were essential.
We then leaned into our own Restaurant here at Redgum where Gaylene could combine all her talents to come up with Quality, Quantity, Presentation and good ole yummy delicious food. All this knowledge, experience and experimentation has come out into some of the best buffet food ever presented in a bain-marie.
We get asked what’s for dinner tonight?
The answer depends on what Gaylene has created from within the store room this week. Rest assured it will be delicious and you won’t go hungry.

Typical hot and cold bain-marie service area

More Redgum food here Redgum Restaurant and Gaylene’s Kitchen  We give you quality, quantity, consistent and variation of meals. Knowing you are happy and content with what you have just eaten, certainly makes it rewarding. This makes us feel good and grateful to be serving food and supplying shelter in the hospitality industry, the basics of survival.
Far more rewarding than working for someone else that may or may not give a toss about positive customer feedback or simply serving people great food. Doesn’t have to be Master Chef quality (those meals are way to small anyway), keep it simple, delicious and plenty of it.

australian fodder group

Dining room

Redgum Village offers you more than just food and shelter.

We like to scour the region for upcoming and existing projects to help you find employment for your crew or to some else that has the tools for that job. There is quite a variety of projects in the Dandaragan Region:
We have compiled a list of current and up-coming projects within the Dandaragan region, this list is by no means everything but it certainly covers a wide variety and is regularly updated. If you know of others, please reach out to us, we will check them out and add if relevant.
Link to Dandaragan Projects page from mine site construction and wind farms to road works and agriculture Since 2010 Redgum Village accommodation has been predominantly converted to Contractors, Businesses and company crews, teams, individuals. Our original set-up, the only agricultural working persons quarters in the country that had a mine style camp layout, has been upgraded to suit mining crews for short term stays. This has evolved into supplying workers of many industries comfortable and clean accommodation at a fair price.
More info on Redgum Village Accommodation Here As a necessity we no longer accommodate shearing teams due to personal reasons and the new direction Redgum Village needed to take. In hindsight, one of our best decisions made to moving Redgum forward. The combination of Mine style accommodation and an open bain-marie full of yummy delicious food, compiled from many years of feeding working people, lead to needing that something a little more up-market.
Here the Redgum Restaurant was born. A place where Gaylene could put her creativity and love for presenting food on the table.
Check out some of Gaylene’s Kitchen dishes here

Redgum Restaurant Buffet Redgum Village

Now all customers get the balance of mine style accommodation,

Restaurant quality food from the buffet,

at an affordable price.

Evan and Gaylene – Owner / Operators along with our hand picked professional staff of Dandaragan’s Redgum Village

How To Contact Us Phone … Office… (08) 96514 223 Mob… Evan 0429 489 479 … Gaylene … 0428 550 046

e-mail …

Book a room here … Redgum Booking site and lets see if we are a fit for you, your company or your business. There is no online instant booking facility on this site, simply because every company or individual has there own idea of what accommodation and meals they require:

  • Some – just want one en-suite bedroom
  • Some – a budget room
  • Some – all meals included
  • Some – room and evening meal only
  • Some – shared room ( We are moving away from this option)
  • Some need 50 rooms and meals
  • Some need 12 rooms L.A.F.H.A style

We individualise a price to suit your requirements 🙂 Link to Yandin Wind Farm Contractors Link to Western Power Sub Contractors working in the Moora – Dandaragan Region     .