What is Redgum Village Doing to keep you safe?

Redgum Village is a accommodation and meals facility in the Wheatbelt Region
Primarily for contractors and essential workers with projects / jobs in the Dandaragan / Moora Shires

Update September 2023

Redgum has had more extensive upgrades to the kitchen and general health and safety about the Village.
The learnings from Covid have been implemented and also relaxed in line with we live as normal a life as possible with deep cleaning and health checks and testing as part of everyday life.
Customers and guests as protocol from the companies they work with still test when unwell. If anyone is unwell on site we offer a free test kit to support companies requirements and to the general health of our own staff and other guests.
Other updates from Redgum are the ongoing refurbishment of the original Redgum rooms and the continual upgrade of the Kitchen to be as modern as any simular mine style camp accommodation facility.

Update December 2020

With Christmas upon us and West Australia dodging a bullet as far as covid cases go we cannot get to complacent. As our premier says things can change in a heart beat.
We have the keep WA safe bar code for every guest to register so following up on a positive case can be easily tracked and sorted asap.
Deep cleaning of rooms is on going after each guest moves out and before the next comes in.
The main kitchen follows covid procedure recommended by health authorities and mine camp suggestions.
Whilst we wind down 2020 we look forward to a new 2021 and what the future of projects in the Dandaragan Region has in store for many businesses and companies. The WA economy needs to keep moving forward and here at Redgum we are here for your crew wether its a wind farm road works mine shut or whatever else project you secure in and around Dandaragan – Moora – Cataby – Badgingarra – Reagans Ford

Have a great Chrissy and New years and see you here in 2021 🙂


Redgum Village is Open for business as per usual, or as we say now “pro Covid-19 usual”
We are privately owned and live and work on site 7 days a week.
Even though we are in June 2020 and certain restrictions are being relaxed, however we are not relaxing or becoming complacent.
As a camp kitchen dining facility we will continue to adhere to preferred regulations concerning social distancing in the dining area, food preparation and delivery.
Yes the disposable plate and cutlery can be annoying, but it wont be forever and as soon as the powers to be feel a real plate and cutlery are OK we will change over immediately.
The buffet will still be in use however we will continue to serve it to you on a plate / disposable to ensure hygiene and less people handling food equipment.
The lunch area will continue as in everything made fresh each morning for you as we feel this has been a bonus for you and ensures you have a quality healthy lunch. Plus it saves you time at 5am in the morning.
Cooked sit down breakfast will remain and the addition of the “toasties” will also remain for those that are on the run 🙂

As we are not a public Restaurant we only offer meals to in-house guests. Helps keep you in peace of mind from outside influences.


Feb – March 2020

Here are some of the procedures we have put in place to help keep all guests free from flu’s and viruses in this current climate with the world wide spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our dining area has tables for two with the suggested 1.5m radius per person with a max of 16 (now 20) at one sitting.
The kitchen and serving area is constantly sanitised and when guests are coming in for dinner the surface areas and anything touched by hand is sanitised every 15 minutes.
There are disposable gloves at any point a piece of cutlery is used for serving by more than one person.
We are putting in place practices suggested by Tronox and Iluka as they are our main mine guests.
We have also liasoned with Alinta and Vestas to ensure they have their wind farm employees housed in as the safest environment possible.

We can assure any guest coming to Redgum Village that we are offering the safest measures put in place to ensure personal safety and health.
On arrival every guest needs to fill out a declaration that they have not been overseas in the last 14 days and now interstate, if so proof of 14 day isolation.
No one can self isolate at Redgum Village. NOT even the OWNERS. Redgum has too many workers / guests onsite and keeping isolated for two weeks would be un-practical and not fair to our guests.
If anyone failed the declaration and could not arrange transport to a safe place, we will allow you a separate room away from all guests, you will be in quarantine and we will arrange transportation for you to a designated isolation accommodation facility within 24 hrs.

There are many other practices in play as in thorough room cleaning and sanitising during and on departure of every person and every room.
We specifically hired two extra cleaners that are doing an absolute great job in this area.
Along with our new cleaners and extra kitchen staff we are able to keep all communal and eating areas as clean and sanitised as practically possible for your peace of mind, or at least to help you feel you are in a safe environment as we can currently supply.

As you will all know we are in unchartered waters and decisions by our leaders and experts can change hourly.
We strongly suggest any company needing accommodation in and around Dandaragan call us directly for more in depth and up to date info.

We will gladly oblige and help in any way we can.
Australia needs to keep moving forward and we as accommodation and meals providers for the people working on projects in the Dandaragan and Moora shires need to do what we need to do to keep this happening.

Kind Regards

Owners and onsite operators of Redgum Village Dandaragan

Evan and Gaylene Bradshaw