Redgum Café
& Take Away Menu


Redgum Cafe and Restaurant is only available upon request
In House Guests all Dine in the Dining Room from the Self Help Buffet

Please enquire for Group Bookings

Sunday Brunch No Longer Available 

Take Away Available with Plenty Notice 🙂


“Starts with Take Away & In House Guest Menu” Scroll for Brunch Menu
(Menu and prices maybe subject to slight variation onsite)

Menu’s with prices click here

Redgum Dining for a Sunday Brunch is here to show what we did offer.

Redgum is B.Y.O.
7 day minimum booking only, subject to how busy Redgum Accommodation is.

Business Groups, Clubs, Organisations, Associations or
Larger Family Gathering:

Package Deals for:

  • Conferences – Business Meetings 
  • Information Days or Evening’s
  • Luncheons and Snacks
  • A La Cart’e or Buffet
  • 62 Room en-suite Accommodation.

“Prices and Selection may vary slightly”

For all bookings or enquiries:

☎ 61 460 853 993


find Gaylene’s Kitchen on facebook @gaylenescafe and @redgumcafe


Redgum Cafe “Take Away Menu”

Take-away hours:

Take Away meals are only available while dinner is in service:
6pm to 7pm
All meals prepared for each day can be placed in a container for take-away

Take away orders below can be placed with plenty of notice.

Salmon and salad redgum cafe Chicken strips takeaway


  • Fish n Chips:
    1 x Juicy Beer battered Snapper fillet and serve of crispy chips 
    2 x Juicy Beer battered Snapper fillets and serve of crispy chips 
  • Nuggets and Chips:
    Real Crumbed Chicken Breast Nuggets ‘n’ Chips6 pack     
  • Chicken Parma and Chips:  
    Medium size Chicken Breast with napoli sauce, melted cheese and chips
  • Serve of Crispy Chips or Wedges: (large)   


  • Aussie Beef: 
    Thick beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, onion relish

    Add Extra’s:
Bacon 2 Cheese 1, Onion 1 or Beetroot 1 Egg 1 or Pineapple 1

  • Chicken Schnitzel: Crumbed Chicken Breast, parma sauce, cheese and mayo  


  • Steak Sandwich:   
  • Strips of Scotch Fillet Beef, onion relish, garden salad in a big bun
  • Toasted Sandwich:    
    Chicken and Mayo or Ham, Cheese, Tomato
  • Bacon & Egg Roll:    
    2 Rashers of Bacon, fried egg with light onion relish in a toasted roll


  • Gourmet Pizza: Big and Hearty  
    Meat Lovers
    Ham Pineapple

Add a Little Spice:

  • Green Thai Curry Chicken: Juicy chicken strips: 
    On a bed of rice or spinach with thin cut vegetables and a hottish thai curry
  • Noodle Stir Fry: Satay, Soy or Garlic:  
    Chicken or Beef strips, in a nest of ginger, egg noodles and thin crisp vegetables
  • Nacho’s: Generous portion of corn chips, mild salsa, melting cheese, a dab of sour cream 
  • Not Hot Enough? Add Jalapenos 


If Any Dinner from Redgum Village Dining Room Bain-Marie,
We can box it up for you, 7-8pm weekdays only      


  • Hot Coffee: Flat white, Cappuccino, Long Black (12oz)
  • Milkshakes with ice-cream:
    Coffee, Choc, Spearmint, Vanilla, Strawberry
  • Cool Drinks: Coke – Coke zero – Lemonade – Solo
    600ml Bottled Water


**Sometimes unavailable during Private Functions.
But will always make the effort for you


Redgum “Evening Menu

Redgum Cafe Redgum Restaurant


  • Bruschetta: onion tomato pesto spinach feta on 2 slices of sourdough toast
  • Garlic Bread:  4 pieces of buttered garlic infused sourdough toast
  • Vol Au Vents: chicken & mushroom
  • Potato Gnocchi: in a napoli sauce

Main Menu:

From the Hen House:

  • Chicken Parmigiana:  

Large Butterflied Chicken breast sealed with Gaylene’s special breadcrumb formula traps in all the juices of this succulent breast. Coated with our bacon and onion napoli sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.
Served with chips and salad.

  • Chicken Mignon’   

Lovingly hand-crafted succulent chicken breast wrapped with a quality rasher of bacon, infused with garlic-herb butter. Served with garden fresh vegetables.

From The Abattoir:

  • Organic Scotch Fillet:   
    Scorched rare to medium as only this cut of grass fed Dandaragan Organic Beef deserves.
    Served with vegetables or salad and crispy chips
  • Organic Rump Steak:   
    300gram cut of tender Dandaragan Organic Rump, cooked as you wish.
    From the paddock behind Gaylene’s kitchen (this really is from paddock to plate)
    Served with vegetables or salad and crispy chips
  • Porterhouse Steak:  
    Looking for Value for Money in your tender cooked to your desire and just a good looking steak? Hard to beat this quality cut of Porterhouse. Pepper or Mushroom or Caramelised Onion Sauce
    Served with crisp fresh vegetables of the day or salad and crispy chips.

From The Depths of the Ocean:

  • Billy’s Crumbed Fish:    
    Billy was a guest at Redgum who showed us how to crumb fish that remained moist and a little different to battered fish.
    Gaylene has put her twist to these pair of fillets to give you her version of Billy’s crumbed fish dish. Served with salad and crispy chips
  • Poached Fish in Chili Sauce and Coconut:  
    Two poached fish fillets marinated in a light sweet chilli sauce and coconut cream creates a unique light spicy flavour. Not for everyone but rewards those whom care to dare.
    Served with Vegetables
  • Beer Battered Fish “n” Chips:      
    Serve of juicy snapper coated with crispy flavoured beer batter, side salad and real crispy chips.
    “A good ole fashioned serve of fish ‘n’ chips”
  • Serving for Two: 
  • Fillet of Salmon:      
    200gm fillet of tasmanian salmon semi cooked with a slight crispy skin served with seasonal vegetables like asparagus, beans, spinach and local potato topped with a hollandaise sauce 

A Little Italiano:

  • Gnocchi:  
    Potato gnocchi in a napoli sauce topped with parmesan cheese
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise:  
    It’s all in the sauce they say, well no different here, spaghetti pasta and prime beef mince with bolognaise sauce and parmesan cheese.

Children’s Dishes:     

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise:      
    bolognaise sauce, parmesan cheese and parsley
  • Redgum Chicken Breast Nuggets and Chips: 
  • Small version of selected main dishes:   
    please ask your wait-staff

Your Side Dish Options:  

One Side Dish Comes with your Meal, for each extra side add:

  • Fries or Wedges:
  • Garlic Bread:    or White Bread Rolls
  • Vegetables:    We have a daily selection please ask when ordering.
  • Salad:     Garden salad with lettuce / carrot / tomato / cucumber and dressing
  • Eggs x 2:     Fried or Poached


All salads and vegetables from Matt the Highway Fruit and Veg Man.
“Any fresher and they will slap you in the face”

Local Potatoes from the Fox Farm “Arden Fleets” When available

Beef from Dandaragan Organic Beef  “Noondel”


# Have some local produce we can use? Please let us know


  • Sticky Date:  
    Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce, sweetened whipped cream and a touch of icing powder.
  • Chocolate Mud Cake and Cream:
    Rich Chocolate Slice with a thick gooey chocolate sauce, served with a dollop of whipped cream.
  • Pavlova:
    You cannot leave Redgum without sampling a generous portion of pavlova with real whipped cream and strawberries!
  • Cheese Cake:
    Ask your wait-staff what flavour is todays on site made cheese cake
  • Apple Crumble and Cream:  
    A Large portion of homemade country apple crumble with a touch of rhubarb.
    The crumble has the real crunch from the clever ingredients Gaylene has fired into it.


Coffee Tea or Hot Choc to finish off your evening:

  • Long Black
  • Flat White
  • Short Black
  • Chai
  • Tea – Normal or Flavoured
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cocoa
  • Free Tap Water supplied in carafes on tables.


Redgum Buffet.

Booking only 7 – 14 days in advance and subject to conditions, please ring for details.

Some Ideas below:


Mains by pre-order only.           From $45 – $60 pp                                                                         

Two Meats Example:

  • Rump Steak and Chicken Mignons:
    with a minimum 5 veges and a pasta dish
  • Scotch Fillet and Chicken Parmigiana:
    with a minimum 5 veges and a pasta dish
  • Sliced Roast Beef and Pork:
    Super tender sliced beef with roasted vegetables
  • Sausage or Juicy Lamb Chops & Onion in Gravy etc…           
    Chops you pick up with your fingers and the meat just falls off? Well, imagine when soaked in our special onion gravy, without the fingers. Never fails to gather comments approval.

Desserts Options:

Select from:

  • Fruit Salad – Jelly – Moose – Custard – Cream – Choc / Mud Cake – Pavlova
  • Bread & Butter Pudding:                                                                                       
    This classic pudding cooked the way Gaylene does it is worth serving to the harshest critic. Has plenty of depth, moisture and flavour with a light coating of cinnamon.
  • Rice Pudding:
    Baked and Creamy with a slight crust


Redgum Café       “Brunch Menu

No Longer available until further notice 🙁 please call for more info


  • Canadian Pancakes Stack:   (Very Popular)  
    Served with rasher bacon, ice cream and canadian maple syrup
  • Forest Pancakes Stack:    
    Served with an abundance of berries, coulis, and vanilla ice cream
  • Eggs Benedict:   
    2 poached free range eggs coated with hollandaise sauce served with spinach and tomato on sourdough toast
    Add a hash brown   
    Add one rasher of bacon or slice of smoked salmon  
    Add one rasher of bacon and a hash brown  
  • Bacon & Eggs:   
    2 free range eggs, 2 rashers lightly cooked bacon (ask for crispy) and a hash brown served on sourdough toast
  • Omelette:   (3 eggs)  
    With butter melted mushrooms, spinach, tomato and crushed feta
    Want a rasher of bacon?
  • The Village Breaky: (if breakfast is your main meal, this is it!)   
    2 eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, beef sausage, tomato, mushrooms, b-beans, hash brown, served on sourdough toast



  • Caesar Salad with or without Grilled Chicken: 
    Cos lettuce, crispy bacon bits, croutons, onion, cherry tomatoes, poached egg and caesar dressing.
  • Quinoa Salad with or without Grilled Beef or Chicken Strips:  
    With warm buckwheat, quinoa garlic, mushroom, spinach, onion, pumpkin and drizzle of balsamic Vinegar
  • Toasted Sandwich:  Your classic toasty presented in style  
    2 pieces of white or multigrain bread, toasted with ham, tomato and melting cheese light garnish served on a wooden platter
  • Classic Bacon and Egg Roll:   
    Lightly toasted bun, onion relish plenty of bacon lightly garnish on a wooden platter
  • Vol Au Vent:   
    Loaded with chicken, mushroom, cheese, spring onion in a béchamel sauce
  • Large Bowl of Nacho’s:   
    Corn chips topped with salsa, melting cheese and a dollop of sour cream
  • Bowl of Crispy Chips  
  • Redgum Chicken Breast Nuggets Kids love them  

Coffee & Cake:
Generous portion from today’s selection,
Mud Cake – Berry Cheese Cake – Carrot Cake – Poppy Seed or Choc Muffin


  • Chicken Parmigiana:  
    Crumbed chicken breast, dressed with Gaylene’s in house napoli sauce and melting mozzarella cheese served with a garden salad and crispy chips.
  • Beef Lasagne:   
    Hearty serving of Gaylene’s home-made beef recipe multi layered lasagne,
    served with side salad and chips
  • Steak Sandwich:   
    Juicy tender scotch fillet, onion relish and salad on toasted turkish bread
    served on a garnished wooden platter.
  • Steak ‘n’ Chips:   
    Juicy cut of scotch fillet with garden salad and crispy chips,
  • Salmon and Salad:  
    Lightly cooked crispy skin with a dob of hollandaise sauce served with spinach, tomato and a poached egg
  • Fish ‘n’ Chips:     
    Large fillet of beer battered snapper, crispy chips and salad


  • Cappuccino
  • Flat White
  • Chai Spice
  • Long Black (2 shots)
  • Short Black coffee (short espresso)
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cup of Tea earl grey or flavoured
  • Baby Chino


  • Carafe of Delicious Dandaragan Tap Water:
  • Juices / Milk Per Glass:
  • apple, orange, mango and apple & all milk types
  • Cool Drinks Cans:   coke, diet coke, lemonade, solo
  • Glass of Iced Lemon Tea:
  • Milkshakes: (with ice-cream)  
    chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, spearmint, coffee
  • Gaylene’s Iced Coffee:  
    served with lots of cream and chocolate sauce, mind boggling yummy!!


  • full cream, hi-lo, almond, soy, lactose free  


  • Contractors
  • Project Crews
  • Solo Operators
  • Open to the Public
  • Mine Camp Style 
  • All 90 Rooms En-Suited
  • Buffett Meals
  • All Meals Home Cook
  • Early Breakfast and
    Lunch Crib
  • 40 Person Barn Style Dining Room
  • Dining Rotation for 99 guests
  • High Level Health and Safety
  • Want 5 stars call the Hilton in Perth.
  • We Supply Affordable Essential Accommodation – Comfortable Clean en-suited Bedrooms with King single or Queen Size Bed, Hot Shower Plenty Pressure Digital TV, Fridge, Reverse Cycle Air-con, Robe, Desk, Chair and All Linen-Towels 🙂
  • Privately Owned
  • Friendly Atmosphere.
  • Please NO Pets / Dogs

(61) 460 853 993

Back up number – Day time only – 0428 550 046

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Attention Contractors

Wind Farms In The Dandaragan Region

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  • Phone… (61) 460 853 993
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Redgum Rates

Redgum Village Rates

The more people
The longer you stay
The Less You Pay

Redgum Kitchen

  • Redgum Dining – All Buffet for In-House Guests
  • All Meals Cooked and Prepared On-Site
  • BYO
  • Conferences and Meetings Catering – On Site Only.
  • Business Group Dining
  • Meal Packages to Suit Your Needs – In-House Guests Only

Meals prepared and cooked onsite in The Redgum Kitchen
“The Heart and Soul of Redgum Village”
All overseen by Owner-Operator “Gaylene” if not cooked by herself .
All Chef’s are carefully selected to suit Redgum Village.

Info & details here

Holiday Rental

Our privately owned 3 bedroom, 2 bath, self contained Apartment at the Hillary’s Boat Harbour Resort, is available for short term rental.
Air-Conditioned Bedrooms – Overlook the Pool – Cook at Home or Dine in one of many Cafe’s Restaurants all in walking distance.

More info here
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