Fun and games in and around Cataby and Dandaragan township within the Dandaragan shire at the moment.
Yandin wind farm, 5km from Redgum Village in Dandaragan seems to be tracking along at the same time Iluka mine seems to be gathering momentum and throw in some major roadworks just to add a bit of flavour.

Certainly a boom patch for Cataby and the surrounding region.

Great to see Moora getting there fear share of the accommodation for the mountain of workers required for these projects.
One can only wonder what would be if Dandaragan had a few more shopping options.

Having said that in 12 months we might be back to quiet ole Dandaragan again, well perhaps not. When a region with-in a radius of 20km has two mineral sands mines and wind farm with another on the drawing board, they self-generate long term maintenance and other job opportunities.

They also breed / attract other sub industries to the area, which we are seeing here already.

There are more than just miners and wind farm contractors seeking accommodation at this time.
Would be great if the left hand spoke to the right hand and the powers that be could spread the work load… yeah right and we all know it doesn’t work that way.
One in all in, let’s do it all now. Wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?

Crikey that would make life and business to easy and that’s a no no in this day and age. C’mon behave yourself ole fella.


Redgum Village under the sails

Still renovations moving forward at Redgum, almost last of the original larger rooms getting their makeover and a bathroom. Add a bathroom or two and delete a shared bathroom block, or should I say re-decorate an unneeded communal bathroom block into a revamped laundry.

Redecorate the unused back of D Block communal kitchen into a gym etc..

Keeping the footprint of Redgum as original as possible and redecorating every room to 2020 expectations ( within reason and our own personal budget), Dam wouldn’t it be nice if a company said here is a couple mill, go build a new camp and any spare rooms we don’t need, go rent em out for the cost of food and wages only and we will maintain it and pay all the administration costs. Happy Days!

But if that happened, we wouldn’t have our own quirkiness ways, rules n regs, our choice of guests that suit our requirements and relaxation policy etc.. etc… la de dardy dah.

Hmmm but then again …….

Ha-ha damned if you do and damned if you don’t, we are who we are and we do the best we can with the tools we have.

Redgum Village is homely and comfortable and not owned by a multi-million dollar company.

Just us and our awesome quirky band of staff that really make Redgum what it is and we love it. Seems the majority of our guests do too. I did say majority, not all 😊

Very importantly, we do appreciate our mining guests from either mine when they are full and or a bit busy, Thankyou Iluka and Tronox because long term without you we would not be here. Its now been 20 years of existence in Dandaragan.


We thank all the wind farm subbies that are staying here and allowing us to refurbish Redgum Village while we work around you. Thankyou.


And yeah Redgum needed it 🙂