Redgum Village Dandaragan has a scenario below that you may be able to relate to:

Tenders for Construction of ABC Project near Dandaragan West Australia close this friday 8th march, condition 44b now states you must supply own accommodation and meals.

So you have a tendered for a contract in and around Dandaragan for your business and you have spent months putting together the tender for the job, you have been successful at pricing the project with all your companies expertise and its looking really good.
The materials are all available, the staff can all be accessed, you have the expertise to do the job and it should take about 8 months.
The first month you will need about 8 to 10 staff to do the preliminary works and then build up to around 40 for 6 months then drop down to about 10 to 15 to finish off the project and tidy up.
Now you have one week to organise accommodation and meals, plus you will need a meeting place to hold the daily tool box gathering.

This usually means a 5am breakfast, and a full cooked one of crispy bacon and poached or fried eggs, sausages, tomato, hash browns, mushrooms, bake beans and spaghetti thick hot toast and that never ending cup of coffee, along with a variety of cereals fruit and juice so you get all persons involved with the project off to a good start before the tool box meeting.
Then there is the parking and security of the work vehicles that all head off to the site in the early hours of the morning, parked on site in the car-park in front of the main office and the bigger vehicles in a safe park out the back with plenty of room to swing them around.
You need to know that each person has packed their own lunch of tasty cold meats and crisp fresh salads with home-made muffins and biscuits for smoko. Some maybe even had the friendly cook package some of last night’s scrumptious dinner into a sealed container then kept in the kitchen cool room overnight to ensure kept to health standard regulations. This helps ensure that the start of the day will run without a hitch.
Once at work you are at your peril and what happens out here is all in your control.
After work the last thing you need is any drama with accommodation and meals, this includes a nice hot shower and a comfy clean bed.
Nothing too fancy as the crew will all be in boots and work gear but at the same time you want a relaxing clean place to chill out after work, make sure all the crew are at ease before settling into a nice coldie out of the fridge from their own en-suited rooms.
You do not need the hassle of a pub where you are chasing the crew in the mornings with breathalyser gear to ensure they are safe to go to work, so a place that has a BYO and entertaining areas inside and outside either in the function room with a pool table, darts, ping-pong and the Digital TV service, air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter with a decking area outside for the expected smokers amongst the crew, or under a paved and flowing sails area where there is a massive 10 burner BBQ and a waterfall featured fish pond which captures the late afternoon breeze and is onsite.
All this would be very comforting and so relaxing.
Then there is the main evening meal at a time that suits the crew, around 6pm to 7-7.30pm after they have had time out to shower and chill before sitting down to a meal where they can go to the bain-marie and help themselves to a choice of a minimum two hot meats and a pasta dish along with a minimum 5 vegetables of the colour groups white, green and red. Most of all freshly cooked on site just like Mum use to make, home cooked, fresh and plenty of it. Then followed up by some delicious cooked and cold sweets, puddings for the after dinner ah ha moment.

Once they have all eaten and are ready to call it a night, you will probably be seeking a quiet environment, like no road noise, no party people or loud music after 10pm.
It would even be greater if the management of the accommodation enforce this and provide late night security, at the same time respecting the crew their privacy.

Now what say you are on a tight budget and still want all these features and are willing to have non ensuite single rooms each and with double beds at a cheaper rate, no worries.
The super budget of twin share, certainly not often asked for but would be available if required.
Then there is the issue of the Project manager and foreman wanting slightly upgraded rooms and one especially for the main boss whom drops in from time to time, yep we need to cover that one too.
Once in a while it would be great to have a BBQ evening and let the crew mingle and relax a bit more especially with the sizzling sounds of steak and onions crackling in the background as the camp cooks are laughing along with the crew.

Gosh where could we find all that in one place?

What if you finish that contract and there is an extension from it as you did such a great job and all the staff were happy and worked well together and you needed to extend your accommodation and add another 30 persons for another 6 to 9 months.
Easy I suppose as you would ask the Village owners if you could bring in your own 4 person en-suited dongers and connect to the existing infrastructure that is already there and carry on as you were.
Easy eh….



Redgum Village, Public Accommodation in Dandaragan supplies Accommodation and meals to all forms of contractors and their staff. 24/7.
All of the above included.

Fill in the booking form with your no obligation enquiry and ask for your free report to comply with your requirements.


We have had a few Road Crews staying here at Redgum Village public Accommodation in the last few years.

Lately Leightons as a sub contractor to Main Roads completed 9 months works on the Brand hwy between Regans Ford and Cataby.

In 2012 Boral stayed here for a couple months doing works around Badgingarra.

Ertech were here 6 to 7 years ago, Brierty, Downer, RnR Contractors and a few other sub contractors along the way.

McConnell Dowell (MacDow) for the Gas Line Project, ATS for a powerline project and many more.

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Redgum Village Restaurant Redgum Village RestaurantRedgum Village RestaurantRedgum Village Restaurant

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Redgum Village Restaurant Redgum Village RestaurantRedgum Village Restaurant

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