Is it just me or is the whole dam country in slow down mode? I read this just yesterday.

The latest unemployment numbers released last week were disappointing to say the least: Australia’s unemployment rate jumped to a 10 year high and is now on par to when the GFC unfolded


Now, unlike then though we don’t have a mining boom to insulate our economy or a government predisposed to spending our way to prosperity.

I noted with interest that for the first time since 2007 our unemployment rate of 6.4% is higher than the US (6.2%).

We are now on par with the UK, but their employment situation is improving whereas ours is worsening.

Peering behind the headline stats makes for pessimistic analysis, especially if you’re 15-24 years old as youth unemployment is presently 14.1%.

Apparently the culprit is a slump in part time work opportunities, but whatever the cause, the story behind the story is that the Aussie economy seems to be on the skids and the Federal government appears bereft of strategies on how to stop the rot. What ideas they do have have been poorly received by the public and aren’t going to be easily actioned as the Senate is now dominated by headline grabbing idealists.

While we remain in this political deadlock and vision vacuum (which started during the Gillard – Greens alliance) it’s hard to see much of a silver lining to gloomy economic cloud hanging over our heads.

When I read this I thought hmmm, maybe I should be grateful for the business we have and concentrate on marketing to the companies and businesses that we have had an association with and just nurture that relationship.
No hard selling just keeping in touch to be ready for when the cycle does turn and our political status decide that Australian unemployment is a problem. Only then will they relaese funding for much needed projects that keep our economy positive and human beings occupied. As in going to work and feeling pride and satisfaction for what we can achieve in the work place. Plus building a better Australia.

Full copy of the article I have referred to is here by a person I have a huge respect for.

Steve McKnight