Life at the Dandaragan Redgum Village has been fairly quiet for the last few days, so we are utilising the time to do some marketing.
With govt tenders and funding on the quiet side we need to be looking more to the private sector.
We had a general look around at what projects are on the table thru the Dandaragan Shire and was surprised at how many were being scheduled for development and quite a few for extension periods.
Looks like the major wind and solar projects are still on the radar, but just awaiting the right time to launch ahead.
Once the Transmission Line going thru Dandaragan from Perth to Eneabba is completed I am sure we will see a flurry of activity.
Also interesting to read about the gas project near Badgingarra. Maybe something will happen there, time will tell.
The phosphate news in the Dandaragan region is still positive and activity surrounding that is still moving forward.

It seems to be a wait and see approach at the moment and when decisions are made I think we will see a flurry of activity within the Dandaragan Shire.
If we hear of something interesting we will post it on our Dandaragan Projects page, hopefully that might help a company or business find out about prospective opportunities.

Just for something different here is a pic of Spring 🙂

Dandaragan moora wildflowers