Valentines has been and gone, was interesting to see the romantics of Dandaragan almost out numbered by the Moora love birds 🙂 

No matter, from the sounds of everything the night was a success and a big thankyou to Gaylene for putting on a great menu for the Redgum Restaurant. 

Redgum Restaurant Menus here

Once again we are slack on the photos but I did pinch these off facebook:

valentines redgum village

valentines redgum restaurant

So looking forward to the next specialised event. Maynot get around to St Patricks day as we have a cataby mine shut crew in that week and will be a bit busy.

However we will do an election day breakfast on March 11, will keep you posted on that. In the meantime keep coming into the Redgum Restaurant and let Gaylene woo her wand and dish you up another great dish from her menu

Enjoy 🙂