What a way to start 2021. The Dandaragan Shire was covered in fires, not in the township of Dandaragan or near Redgum Village.
The fires were fierce in the Regans Ford area and west towards Lancelin.
Cataby and north to Badgingarra didn’t escape the rage of this summers 2021 fire path.
Fortunately no lives were lost and minimal property, however many thousands of native bush hectares weren’t so lucky. Along with the wildlife that lives amongst it.
Once again main front line fire crews from around the WA state gathered in their hundreds to contain these fires.
With command posts at Gin Gin oval then up to Regans Ford they had the personnal on hand to get these fires under control.
The constant super strong constant winds ensured this battle would rage for days and into weeks.

Fires Dandaragan

A phone call from fire emergency staff requesting accommodation for a fire crew at Redgum Village went from a group of 6 to a total of 55 between day and night shift.
Rooms were available at a moments notice and when there was a mix up on food for one crew onsite Redgum organised a full hot breakfast within 30 minutes of the call.
The guys and ladies were all fed and off to bed at 8.30am ready for the next shift at 4pm
Like any major emergency of this nature there will always be a mix up or a crew left out and that is what we are prepared for here and only need a phone call and your request gets answered without question without drama, it is done.

Have you got your fire plan in action?

People come first especially in emergency cases.
The thanks we received from both the fire fighters and the organising lady from comms makes doing what needs to be done on the spot super rewarding. Yet it cost us nothing extra to do, we are here anyway and food-accommodation is what we do. Cannot understand why they thought we did something special for them. Can only imagine what they must go through when they cannot get simple basic service under emergency situations in some areas they work in.

fire crew redgum village

Big thankyou to our front line fire fighters once again for saving lives, protecting property and minimising bush and wildlife damage.

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fire dandaragan

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