Land Sea and Air

Seems you can get to Dandaragan Redgum Village near Moora by all means of transport, even though there is no lake river or sea near-by.
There is a chopper in the back car park, a boat in the front car park and many forms of land vehicles in the main car park.

I suppose a speed boat on a trailer may not count as a sea arrival but it’s the next closest thing.
Don’t really know why we are getting such a variety of transport type vehicles at the moment but it certainly makes walking through the carpark at 4.30 in the morning on our way to cook all these guests breakfast a little more interesting.

That’s the thing about a mine shut week where many people gather from all walks of life depending on the contractors needs for the particular maintenance programme.

Some of the crew staying at Dandaragan Redgum Village have been here several times working for the one contractor and going from one mine to another. Most so called mine shuts around the Dandaragan – Cataby are less than a week so these guys get to travel around a fair bit, hence bring the boat.

It maybe a few days off before the next mine they visit and the coast is a very attractive option if they have a few days off. 

Jurien Bay, Cervantes or even Lancelin are only an hour away so why not make the most of it?

dandaragan carpark moora

So whether you fly a chopper for a living, work on mine sites or just passing through with a seed cleaning machine you will always find a park at the Dandaragan Redgum Village.

dandaragan redgum village moora

And yes we will serve you up a hearty cooked breakfast at a time that suits you pack a lunch and come home that evening to a homemade dinner cooked freshly just for you.

Land Sea or Air we can accommodate you 🙂