Midlands groundwater and land assessment

This project aims to identify one or more 2,000 to 3,000 hectare area/s suitable for intensive irrigated horticulture within a broad 500,000 hectare envelope north of the Gingin irrigation district, encompassing the Moora Badgingarra-Dongara area.

Waterv Forv Food Dinner Hill Dandaragan

 This could certainly be the next big thing in the Dandaragan Region as per there website and information brochure. Link below. 

This has world potential proving once again the Dinner Hill Area is going to be a very lucrative piece of real estate.

The Irwin area near Dongara, and the Dinner Hill area to the east of Badgingarra and north of Dandaragan, have been identified for further investigation as irrigated agriculture ho­tspots.

These two areas have been carefully selected with input from a community reference group.

Information from The Midlands Groundwater Study Here