Parkway Minerals NL aims to extract essential fertilizer feedstocks, phosphate and potash, from one of the world’s largest green-sand deposits.

Parkway Mineral’s Dandaragan Trough Project is focused on exploiting a very large, shallow  deposit of green-sand, which contains both rock phosphate and glauconite.

Glauconite is a green mineral commonly containing 4-6% potash as KO as well as varying amounts of iron, aluminium and magnesium.

Studies and testwork have indicated that two projects are commercially viable:

  • Production of single super-phosphate, from the rock phosphate present in the green-sand
  • Production of potash, alum, single super-phosphate and Iron oxide, from the glauconite component of the green-sand.

The Company has a major land holding over a globally significant deposit of green-sand with exploration licenses and applications covering an area of 2,000km2.

Ten of the twelve tenements are contiguous extending for over 100km north-south with a maximum width of over 30km.

The first drilling programmes have identified sufficient resources to allow long-life operations.

Dandaragan trough

Parkway Minerals has completed an option agreement to purchase landholding covering approx 90% of Dinner Hill Resources.

The freehold property “Yallambe”

Parkway Minerals Dandaragan