Redgum Village has had another Kitchen Servery Upgrade to keep up with demand and local health regulations.
Once we added this lovely big girl to the servery we wondered how the heck we got by without her !
And her colder sister ๐Ÿ™‚









We are so blessed to be busy here at Redgum and very aware this can change in a heart beat. While the stars are shining it has given us great opportunity to upgrade Redgum Village to a standard accepted by todays expectations.
Very fortunate to have head chef Julie and kitchen hands Ellie and Nickie plus Melinda and extra staff helping with the rooms and grounds. Good ole Cheyanne is in one of those pics above.
Cannot forget young Rusty ๐Ÿ™‚ Will do a special post just about him, hope you like a long read … he’s just such a loverly guy.

When Redgum is busy so are many other people. Many businesses local and in Perth benefit from us being busy so lets just keep doing what we are doing and hopefully more business will come this way. Then we can keep staff employed and help prop-up businesses that supply us ๐Ÿ™‚
So grateful that Matt the Vege man doesn’t stress when our order is 2 grand one week and 200 the next or Farmer Jacks when we order 60 loaves one week and none the next then 60 again. Sometimes go in there and buy 20 milk at once and raid the bargain bin too.
Got a few looks when the spud shed in Joondalup had a bacon special, I did ask if there was a limit per person, they said no so I took 90 one kilo packets of a good brand too. The next week grabbed another 24 and another 30. Wont say what the saving was but it covered a few months of fuel. The joy of a big walk in freezer, gotta cover the 4k a moth power bill some how and the 1000 a month for the solar installation.