Easter just around the corner, and yes in Dandaragan too and this year all the Redgum Village guests are taking the few days off.
This means the Redgum staff get to kick back and take a break from this past few weeks of being very busy.
With quite a mixture of guests in from the Potash group to the power line guys, a telecom dude, a road crew, mikes team and a couple other individuals with the local school and water authority. 

Sounds like a normal Redgum Village booking list.

Had a group for Easter cancel and as its turned out, not such a bad thing as we need to catch up on a few chores and chill for a day or two.

Dandaragan Carpark at easter

This is a common site in the car park these days, great bunch of guys and glad we can help them out. All sub contracted to Western Power.

Have a great Easter and catch you back on Tuesday 🙂