The Pinnacles are located in the Nambung National Park one hour from Redgum Village Dandaragan.

Known as the “Moonscape on Earth”
redgum village near dandaragan

The area is arguably the most popular single tourist destination in WA with well in excess of 200.000 visitors per year, plus many more from the redgum village in dandaragan, your home here while you are working, and the pinnacles on a day off.

With countless thousands of limestone pillars rising up out of the bright yellow sand, this area consistently exceeds the expectations of first time visitors.

If you are like me you can revisit many times and still enjoy the tranquility of this what appears to be an amazing prehistoric phenomenon.

BUT are they?

There are several misconceptions about the Pinnacles. They are not petrified trees and fish never swam between them. They are a relatively recent geological phenomenon that is best explained here:

The raw material for the limestone of the Pinnacles came from seashells in an earlier era rich in marine life. These shells were broken down into lime rich sands which were carried inland to form high mobile dunes.

The Pinnacles were formed from lime leaching from the sand and by rain cementing the lower levels of the dune into a soft limestone. Vegetation forms an acidic layer of soil and humus. A hard cap of calcrete develops above the softer limestone.

Cracks in the calcrete are exploited by plant roots. The softer limestone continues to dissolve. Quartz sand fills the channels that form.

Vegetation dies and winds blow away the sand covering the eroded limestone, thus revealing the Pinnacles.

West Australia. The Great Southern Land, a Sunburnt Country, the Land Down Under – West Australia is our country and the place I call home. Come and discover the world of adventure that is waiting for you here at the Pinnacles near Cervantes here in West Australia.

From kangaroos to koalas, oceans to outback, rain forests to rivers, wineries to wombats, didgeridoos to dingos, cowboys to kookaburras, iconic landmarks, islands and of course, icy cold beers, Australia has it all.
Here at the pinnacles near Cervantes we have more of the sun, sand, surf, sailing, sky diving and snorkelling thrown in for good measure.
The Pinnacles in West Australia is the trip of a lifetime. Come visit our favourite spot, and introduce yourself to all the wild life along the way. What are you waiting for?

Come experience the Lucky Country of the Pinnacles here in West Australia and a stone throw from the Redgum Village in Dandaragan, OK you will need to throw the stone as the crow flies about 50kms….. yeah you can do it!!