Why do we do what we do at Redgum Village

Everyone knows the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

It’s a fact, to get the best value from your crew you need to feed them with extraordinary food, right? Men and woman.

After 17 years we subconsciously provide your crew with plentiful everyday home cooked meals. Prepared and cooked on site so our food not only tastes great its good for you.
Our owner operator head chef, Gaylene cooks for the starving crowd with diversification to suit the modern-day  working environment of construction and white collar workers.
What does that do for your company?

Your crew goes to work, has a productive day and looks forward to the days end with a large healthy dinner a high volume pressured hot shower and a comfy clean bed. That’s a normal routine. They will even talk about it at work and are happy when they come home, yes they call Redgum there home away from home.

What if we decided to cut costs to win a ridiculous quote by cutting back on the food quality with re heated pre- made dinners, cut back on staff and only cleaned their room weekly and put restrictors in the showers with heat controlled lower temperatures, all to save costs ?

The crew come home from work thinking what shit will be for tea tonight, skip the shower because its only warm and piddles out and shake yesterdays dirt out of their sheets.
Just about guarantee a few beers might get grudgingly drunk with a angry mindset to wake up to another day in a foul mood heading to work for an unproductive day.

Am I exaggerating? Could be, because we have never done this to a company seeking the cheapest price possible. We let them put their crew in a accommodation complex not designed with the 10 to 12 hour day blue / white collar workers in mind and they find out the hard way.

Cheapest is not usually the best option when food and accommodation are the main ingredients. 

It happens and that is unfortunate.

At Redgum we strive to be competitive and offer great value for money at a sustainable rate.
Usually above the cheapest so your crews are in the best shape possible at work, will be productive on the job, happy and help keep your project on budget.

If you want to cut costs on food and health and create a toxic work site unfortunately there are options out there for you.
They are not necessarily intentionally derailing your crew it’s just they are not all geared up to feed construction crews over a long period.

They have other important qualities and do very well in those areas, where as here at Redgum we commit to great food, a hot shower with a comfy bed …. K.I.S.S. 🙂