PROPOSED Camel Dairy Lot 51 Koodjee Rd Yathroo, Dandaragan


Location: lot 51 Koodjee Rd Yathroo

Applicant: Camilk Australia Pty Ltd

Date: April 8, 2015

 Dandaragan camel farm


The proponent is seeking planning approval for a camel dairy farm located on lot 51 Koodjee road Yathroo



The applicant is seeking approval to keep up to 450 camels and construct a camel dairy for the purpose of producing camel milk for human consumption from approximately 310 camels at lot 51 Koodjee RD Yathroo.


The property comprises of approximately 793 hectares


Lactating camels will be kept in semi-intensive yards measuring 26m x 200m at a rate of 20 camels per yard. Dry camels will be kept in open paddocks of approximately 40 hectares.


Fencing was an issue raised as a concern by the dept. of Parks and Wildlife as there is a nature reserve (Bundarra A23934) within 2km of the proposal. The department advises that there should be sufficient fencing to prevent infestation of the reserve by feral camels (declared pest). The applicants have provided details of the fencing which includes electric fences to ensure that the camels are retained on the property. A copy of the fencing specifications is provided in the attachments.


The proposed dairy will be required to comply with health department guidelines and legislation as the product is intended for human consumption


The objective for “Rural” zoned land in local planning scheme no.7 is


Rural Zone


To provide for range of rural activities such as broadcare and diversified farming so as to retain the rural character and amenity of the locality, in such a way as to prevent land degradation and further loss of biodiversity.


A camel dairy fits under the land use “animal husbandry –

Intensive”. Under the Scheme this is defined as:


“Animal husbandry – intensive” means premises used for keeping,

Rearing or fattening of pigs, poultry (for either egg or meat

Production), rabbits (for either meat or fur production) and other livestock in feedlots.


Agriculture Intensive, Agroforestry, and Animal Husbandry-Intensive are “D” uses (discretionary approval) in a Public Drinking Water Supply Area where Council will have due regard to the potential impact on groundwater quality. The proposed development is not within a public drinking water source reserve.




5.22.2 Groundwater Areas

Groundwater protection areas have been established by the Water

And Rivers Commission (now DEC) known as the Jurien

Groundwater Area and Gingin Groundwater Area.


Landowners and developers are required to obtain a licence prior to the construction of a bore or well on any property for groundwater extraction except for stock or domestic purposes.


The Department of Parks and Wildlife (the previous DEC) and

Department of Water have been consulted on this application.



The Shire and WAPC have adopted the Local Planning Strategy –

Rural Land Use and Settlement 2012 (the Rural Strategy) which provides guidance to Council in assessing this type of application.


The following considerations are taken directly from the Rural

Strategy and comments provided on each consideration.


Local Planning Strategy – Rural Land Use and Settlement 2012


Appendix 2 intensive agriculture planning considerations when assessing a planning application for intensive agriculture


When Council is considering an application for either Agriculture – Intensive, Agroforestry, Animal Husbandry Intensive and Aquaculture it will take into account the following matters;


Strategic considerations

Council will assess the potential impact of the Application and subsequent development to ensure:


Services and infrastructure are adequate, including the road to be used to transport produce and to access the property, power, water and other requirements or can be adequately upgraded which would be the responsibility of the applicant.


Comment: Suitable sealed and gravel roads and provides good access to the site. The applicant is liaising with service authorities to ensure that suitable infrastructure is provided based on the scale of the proposal.


There is no wider potential for land use conflict from things such as spray drift or smoke between existing and proposed use.


Comment: There will be no impact.


It will have no adverse impact on catchment management and ground and surface water.


Comment: The Department of Water have been consulted on the proposal and comments are provided in the attachments.


It will not sterilise land with potential for urban expansion or other long term land needs.


Comment: There is unlikely to be any urban expansion in the vicinity.


Local considerations

Council will assess proposals for intensive agriculture on the ability of the subject land to accommodate the proposed use, and with due consideration of the risk of off-site environmental impacts and conflict with neighbouring land uses. Factors to be addressed by the proponent and subsequently considered by Council include:


The nature and capability of the land.


Comment: The applicant has advised that a small portion of the land has Bassendean Sands and that this has been taken into account in the assessment of the suitability of the land. The property is not within the Bassendean Sands Special Control Area.

The remainder of the land is suitable for general farming including the keeping of stock.


Availability and adequacy of water supply.


Comment: The applicant has advised that there is good quality bore water available on the property for stock and that a rainwater tank will be used for other water needs. There may be a requirement to provide additional bore water of suitable quality and quantity if the Department of Health require.


Sensitivity of adjacent land uses.


Comment: There are no sensitive adjoining land uses.


Remnant vegetation and wetland protection requirements.


Comment: Both dry and milking camels will be kept in fenced areas away from any remnant vegetation.


The proposed site has been cleared.


Comment: The area where both dry and milking camels will be fenced is cleared land.


Crop rotation and / or specific land management requirements.


Comment: Not applicable.


Any particular infrastructure layout or transport access requirements.


Comment: No specific requirements not already addressed.



The requirement for permission to use ground and surface water.


Comment: The applicant is liaising with the Department of Water to satisfy this requirement.


Demonstrate the existing pre-development hydrological regime will be maintained or enhanced where possible.


Comment: The property is not on the 100 year flood plain.


The separation distances and / or buffers with the adjacent uses which are potentially incompatible can be contained on the subject land rather than being a constraint on adjacent land.


Comment: The Bundarra Reserve is within 2 km of the proposal.

The applicants will provide suitable fencing to ensure that camels do not escape into the reserve.


The development impacts can be managed on site.


Comment: There is sufficient land to accommodate the development impacts.


The development should not significantly detract from any scenic landscape and / or conservation attributes identified in the locality.


Comment: The development will not significantly detract from any scenic landscape and / or conservation attributes in the vicinity.


Other matters which may be required to be addressed if requested by Council.


Comment: Nil


It is the officer’s view that if the site is well managed, there will be minimal impact to neighbouring properties and the environment and is therefore, supported with conditions.



The proposal was advertised to surrounding landowners (within a

5 – 10 km radius) and to the below government agencies from 12

March to 10 April 2015.


·       Department of Agriculture and Food (Geraldton and Moora)

·       Department of Parks and Wildlife (Geraldton)

·       Department of Health

·       Department of Water (Perth and Geraldton)



·       Local Planning Scheme No 7

·       Local Planning Strategy – Rural Land Use and Rural Settlement



·       SPP 2.5 Land Use Planning in Rural Areas

·       There are no local policy implications relevant to this item



The applicant has paid a sum of $544.



·       Shire of Dandaragan Local Planning Strategy – Rural Land Use and Rural Settlement



Circulated with the agenda are the following items relevant to this report:

·       Application (Doc Id: 49237)

·       Location Plan (Doc Id: 49237)

·       Elevations (Doc Id: 49237)

·       Submission from Department of Parks and Wildlife (Doc Id:


·       Submission from Department of Health (Doc Id: 49542)

·       Submission from Department of Agriculture (Doc Id: 49583)

·       Submission from Department of Water (Doc Id: 49582)

(Marked 9.4.2)



Simple majority



That Council grant planning approval for a proposed Camel

Dairy Farm on Lot 51 Koodjee Road, Yathroo to Camilk

Australia Pty Ltd subject to the following conditions of approval:

1. The land use and development shall be undertaken in accordance with the approved and stamped plans.

2. The use and development must be substantially commenced within three years of the date of this approval.

3. The maximum number of camels shall be 450.

4. Crossovers, access and egress to the subject site from

Koodjee Road and any road works shall be located and constructed to the satisfaction of the Shire’s Chief

Executive Officer and include all necessary drainage and signage. Costs applicable to the construction of the access point/s onto the site and any related issues shall be borne by the proponent.

5. All internal roadway surfaces within the site are to be constructed of a suitable material such as paving, road base, limestone or course gravel and compacted to limit dust generation, to the satisfaction of the Shire’s Chief

Executive Officer.

6. The use and development must be conducted so that it has minimum impact on the amenity of the area by reason of:

a) Transportation of materials, goods and commodities to and from the premises;

b) Appearance of any buildings, works and materials; and

c) The emission of noise, vibration, dust, wastewater, waste products or reflected light.

7. The operation of the business complies with the Primary

Industries Report Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of

Animals – The Camel.



Note 1: Further to this approval, the applicant may be required to submit working drawings and specifications to comply with the requirements of the Building Act 2011 and the Health Act 1911 which are to be approved by the Shire’s Manager Building Services and / or Manager Environmental Health prior to issuing a building licence.

Note 2: The Department of Health advises that any form of pest control using pesticides must comply with the Health (Pesticides) Regulations 2011.

Note 3: It is advised that the proposal should at all times comply with the provisions of the Food Act 2008 and related regulations, codes and guidelines and in particular Standard 4.2.4 – Primary Production and Processing Standard for Dairy Products.

Note 4: Approval will be required from the Department of Health and Shire of Dandaragan Environmental Health Officer for any waste water disposal system.

Note 5: Subject to groundwater being available, it is recommended that the proposal is required to be in accordance with the following Department of Water publications:

·       Water quality protection note 12 Dairy processing plants November 2012.

·       Water quality protection note 22 Irrigation with nutrient-rich wastewater JULY 2008.

·       Water quality protection note 70 Wastewater treatment and disposal – domestic systems June 2010.

·       Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

Note 6: The proponent may also need to obtain a Works Approval from Department of Environment and Regulation, if production from the premises exceeds 100 tonnes per year, and from which liquid waste is to be discharged onto land or into waters.

Note 7: The Department of Water advised the applicant contact the Swan-Avon Goldfields office to discuss groundwater licensing requirements.

Note 8: The business and operation are to be registered with the Department of Health and required separate approval from the Department of Health.

Note 9: The applicant has received a copy of submissions from:

·       Department of Health;

·       Department of Water;

·       Department of Agriculture and Food;

·       Department of Parks and Wildlife; and have been requested to comply with the relevant government departments.