Business is steady at Redgum Village in Dandaragan, fortunately the pace has stepped up a couple notches since the change of government and contracts are beginning to be back in progress.

Redgum relies a lot on government contracts and whilst not entirely that is where most of our business comes from. Now that things in general are settling down the roadworks and other projects in and around Dandaragan are beginning to move forward again.
Certainly good to have a quiet period and catch up on some improvements and general maintenance.

The fluctuating power recently played a part in our 3 phase appliances but as we are prepared for these nowadays we can manage that without major disruptions and costs.

Gaylene is in the driving department of Redgum Village, the kitchen and has been very adventurous with the latest round of home cooked meals which appear to be very well accepted judging by the comments and empty waste bin in the dinning room. She certainly is the heart and sole of Redgum.

Looking forward to a very busy weekend of the 29th and to all those incoming guests we hope you enjoy your stay, although the event you are all attending in the weekend should be a highlight for everyone involved.
We are only here to give you a comfy bed and a big breakfast before you all head home again, and a few with a bit of a hangover maybe.

School holidays coming up and looking forward to the two kiddies, well our two youngest children being at Redgum for a couple weeks.
They dont know it yet but we have a large booking for a few days within that period so I feel a young teenage boy may get some hands on work experience for a few days…looking forward to seeing that.

We all had a great day out recently at the Melbourne F1. A great getaway from Dandaragan and a great event to attend, even though the new F1 rules will take a bit to get used to, still a great day out.

Photo courtesy of owners