Timothy Knill, the guy on the right next to Russell Slaughter below is the head of construction at Alinta Energy.

Tim has worked in the renewable energy industry for 15 years, developing and delivering over 1.5 billion dollars of wind farm projects.

Tim looks forward to bringing this experience to the Yandin Wind Farm in Dandaragan WA and is expecting to hold his first community meeting for the project in March this year.

Updates and notices will be published here and in the Redgum Reports, Dandaragan’s local paper, to help locals understand and follow progress of this exciting new wind farm project.

Tim is looking forward to meeting as many local people as he can over the coming months and can be contacted on the following channels if anyone requires information before planned meetings:

Phone 0428 998 312

e-mail Timothy.Knill@alintaenergy.com.au